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Starting a business can be a daunting task, especially if you're not sure where to begin. The first step is to ask yourself the right questions.


  • Do you need an LLC?
  • How do you know if you need employees?
  • What product or service will people want?


These questions can be overwhelming, but don't worry! Evil Genius Leadership Consultants has created a solution to help new business owners navigate the initial hurdles of entrepreneurship.


The "Starting Your Business: A 5-Step Guide" book is the perfect tool for new entrepreneurs who need some quick guidance on organizing their business goals. At only 24 pages, this easy-to-read companion guide is packed with valuable information that can help take your business from an idea to a successful venture.


This book is designed to complement some of the other courses that we offer at Evil Genius Leadership Consultants, and includes worksheets to help guide your decisions.


Written by an expert with extensive background in military leadership, business coaching, and executive training, this book is a must-have for anyone looking to start their own business. The author will guide you through the process, step-by-step, ensuring that you make the right decisions for your business. Whether you're looking to create a side-hustle or run a big empire, this book can help you get there!


The book starts with a clear introduction that explains the five-step process of starting your own business. From understanding your market to creating your business plan, the book breaks down each step in easy-to-understand terms. The author takes you through the process of creating a business that is sustainable and profitable, ensuring that you have a solid foundation for success.


One of the biggest challenges new business owners face is understanding the legal requirements for starting a business. The author provides a clear explanation of the different business structures available, including LLCs, and walks you through the process of registering your business. This information is invaluable for new business owners who are unsure of the legal requirements.


The book also provides guidance on how to create a product or service that people will want. The author walks you through the process of researching your market, identifying customer needs, and creating a product or service that meets those needs. This is an essential step in creating a successful business, and the book provides clear guidance on how to do it.


Another important aspect of starting a business is understanding the financials. The author provides guidance on how to create a budget, track expenses, and manage cash flow. This is essential information for any business owner, and the worksheets provided in the book make it easy to track your finances.


Finally, the book provides guidance on how to build a team and delegate tasks. As your business grows, you will need to bring on employees or outsource tasks. The author provides guidance on how to identify when it's time to bring on help and how to delegate tasks effectively. This information is essential for anyone looking to grow their business.


In summary, if you're a new entrepreneur looking to start your own business, the "Starting Your Business: A 5-Step Guide" book is a must-have. This easy-to-read guide will walk you through the process of starting your business, from understanding your market to creating a profitable business plan. With the guidance of